Learn how to create automated trading strategies (ATS) that will generate trading profits for you!

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Duration: 4 sections (6 hours per section) 

Lecturer: Petr Tmej

Price: 2950 USD


  • Detailed manual with specific and detailed step-by-step procedures and screenshots
  • Provision of unique EasyLanguage codes of 5 of Petr’s live trading robust trading strategies (Please check these strategies below)

Program of the course:

The course´s conception allows participation of even complete beginners who have no experience with ATS trading at all. During the course, I will impart to you my valuable know-how together with a detailed printed manual describing the step-by-step creation of long-term profitable automated trading strategies.

Section 1

You will learn how to work with TradeStation, use genetic algorithms for the building of your own ATS. Thanks to genetic algorithms you don’t need to know to programme.

Adaptrade Builder and genetic algorithms for building winning strategies

  • Hardware
  • Introduction to the Adaptrade Builder platform
  • Adaptrade Builder – basic controls and functionalities
  • Searching for profitable ATS using Adaptrade Builder (detailed step-by-step procedure)
  • The basic principle of genetic programming
  • Suitable markets for generating strategies in Adaptrade Builder
  • Detecting of over-fitted strategies
  • Correct use of In-sample and Out-of-sample data
  • Advanced using of Stress Testing
  • Significance Test
  • Build Failure Rules and Build Termination Options
  • Analyses of specific trading systems and their codes
  • Advanced functional elements of Adaptrade Builder used for evaluation of the potential robustness of trading systems
  • Analyses of specific trading systems and their codes
  • Advanced functional elements of Adaptrade Builder used for evaluation of the potential robustness of trading systems
  • Correct Application of Custom Indicators

Section 2

You will learn how to test your systems´ robustness in TradeStation.

EasyLanguage, Exhaustive and genetic optimization, Cluster Walk Forward analysis, further testing of the robustness of ATS

  • Explanation of basic principles and functionality of EasyLanguage codes (TradeStation)
  • Export of data from EasyLanguage to Microsoft Excel and to other analytical programs
  • Demonstration and handover of Petr´s codes of intraday trading systems for futures of equity indices
  • Genetic programming for TradeStation in Adaptrade Builder
  • Optimization in TradeStation and explanation of the over-optimization principle
  • Application of Cluster Walk Forward Analysis in TradeStation
  • Interpretation of backtesting and Cluster Walk Forward Analysis results
  • Multi-time frame and multi-market Cluster Walk Forward Analysis
  • Selection of market, timeframe and correct parameter values for live trading

Section 3

You will learn about advanced robustness testing which is a necessary complement to the Cluster Walk Forward analysis. These tests are not included in the TradeStation platform. You will also learn which unique methods Petr uses for continuous evaluations of his live-trading ATS. This method can help you with identifying when there is a need to modify your ATS or replace it with another robust ATS before the worst possible drawdown occurs (predicted by the Monte Carlo analysis).

Robustness testing not based on the analysis in TradeStation

  • 3D optimization charts in Microsoft Excel and their interpretation
  • The indication of ATS robustness in assessing optimization tests results in MiniTab
  • The indication of ATS robustness in assessing trading history in Minitab
  • Other unique graphical tools for assessing the robustness of trading strategies
  • Importance of stress testing for assessing the robustness of trading systems
  • Other unique approaches to ATS robustness testing
  • Quick and clear portfolio analysis and ATS robustness assessment via advanced features of TradeStation in combination with Microsoft Excel

Section 4

Petr closely examines possibilities of building a high-quality ATS portfolio which minimizes the risk and maximizes the profit potential. This is a very sophisticated approach based on very strong statistical methods.

Performance summary, Money Management, Risk Management, Portfolio Trading, Important aspects of Live Trading

  • Trading systems performance evaluation
  • Graphical tools for evaluation of trading systems´ performance
  • The setting of stop-loss and profit target for a trading system using TradeStation graphical instruments
  • Principles of Money Management and work with the Market System Analyzer software
  • Implementation of a trading system´s backtest results into Market System Analyzer´s interface
  • Determination of account capitalization through Monte Carlo analysis in Market System Analyzer
  • The building of a portfolio of trading systems in Market System Analyzer
  • Tests of statistical significance in Market System Analyzer
  • Correlation analysis of a portfolio of trading systems
  • The utilization of TradeManager Analysis for monitoring of live trading in TradeStation
  • Opening an account with TradeStation
  • The setting of TradeStation to ensure a fully automated trading via programmed codes
  • The utilization of virtual servers for maximization of effects of live trading

 Discounts for course graduates:

  • Prolonged trials and discounts on software and other tools used during our course.
  • Personal assistance in TradeStation account opening.
  • Special offer for the clients outside the European Economic Area (EEA) – TradeStation Platform FREE for 12 months with Per-Share/Tiered commission plan, saving up $1200. 

Software tools used in the course:

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Lecturer = Petr Tmej = professional trader + QuantOn Solutions hedge fund co-founder

Petr_Tmej_AOStradingIn 2009, Peter graduated from the Technical University of Ostrava, Department of Quality Control. The studies were mainly focused on Probability Theory and Statistical Processes. Shortly after his graduation, he discovered the world of exchange trading thanks to his friend. He became immediately hooked. He started to build his knowledge by reading numerous books and articles and participating in trading courses. During that year, he had an opportunity to start his Ph.D. studies in Sweden Linköping University. In addition to his advanced studies of the statistical processes, he was more and more fascinated by the unique world of trading. Later in Sweden, he got many friends who focused on trading as well. Petr had an opportunity to share a lot of information and knowledge with them. He began to focus on studying automated trading strategies (ATS) for futures markets. He got especially interested in the EasyLanguage programming language of TradeStation – the software platform and a brokerage company. Petr found out that he can widely use his knowledge of statistics and the theory of probability in trading thanks to the automated trading principles. In 2011, Peter went to Paris to work as a manager in a large corporate company, where he continued his intensive studies of programming principles of ATS in the TradeStation. In Paris, he met several traders who inspired and helped him to perceive trading from new perspectives. Since that moment, Petr was ready to develop multiple trading strategies that represent very stable results on historical market data. Thanks to his job in Paris, Petr earned his initial capital to start live trading. Petr started with $19,625. After including all the fees for live market data, exchange fees etc. the net profit for 2013 was $14,090, which represented 71,8% increase of his trading capital. In November 2013, Petr had to withdraw $19,060 for his personal purposes. Therefore, he started the year 2014 with $14,915 and that year he earned $6,524. After including all the fees for live market data, exchange fees etc., the net profit for 2014 was $3,147, which represented 21.1% growth of its account. Petr was generating automated trading strategies for stock indices. As he says: “It clearly confirms that if one gets devoted to training and education, success is waiting just around the corner.” Thanks to ATS, Petr could spend even more of his time on gaining his knowledge, since all orders get executed by the automated systems. In 2015, Petr co-founded QuantOn Solutions, o.c.p.,a.s, where he has been responsible for the development of ATS. He moved from his retail trading to the institutional one. Their vision is to offer the clients a highly competitive product in the form of dynamic asset management. The principles of ATS development for institutional and for individual clients are based on know-how, which is followed by innovations of current market conditions. Petr, therefore, moved from an individual trader to an institutional manager of clients´ assets. In 2016, the company was registered as a Securities Brokerage firm. It is a subject to the supervision of the National Bank of Slovakia and is a member of the Investment Guarantee Fund. The working result of our teams of programmers, mathematicians, and statisticians is an innovative management of assets, which respects and reacts on a contemporary global financial market situation. Based on our own mathematical and statistical models, the company adjusts different types of trading logic, which are then being tested, evaluated, and automatically applied and managed. Our team of professionals creates active and balanced portfolios adjusted to the risk aversion of our client. The key pillars for achieving the attractive relationship between the stake and profitability is, according to our company, diversification. This is then followed by the management of the client´s portfolio, which is logically and professionally structured. The company started its live trading with assets of their clients in October 2015. By the end of January 2017, the company´s automated trading systems had managed to increase the capital by 14,26%. The maximum drawdown was 3,13%. The goal of the company is not to have an aggressive money management and to increase the capital by hundreds of percent a year. Instead, it aims to have conservative risk management. Petr also trades other instruments in the hedge fund such as stock pairs. Ha has got a lot of experience and is willing to share the know-how in his courses. You, as a client, have a great opportunity to get the access to the world of stock pairs and to see how this instrument is managed on an institutional level, where Petr is the main portfolio manager, responsible for the development of high-quality trading strategies. From the lecturing point of view, Petr established an internet portal called AOStrading.net in 2014. He teaches students about his way of trading in the forms of articles, videos, online courses, and individual courses. AOStrading.net focuses on automated trading systems and stock pair trading.

What will you learn with Petr Tmej?

Petr says: I often see a widespread misconception that you must know how to program if you want to trade via ATS. My course will show you that the opposite is true! Yes, it is an advantage to learn to “read” the EasyLanguage codes. However, I will show you how the software and its genetic algorithms will do the programming for you.

The course´s conception allows participation of even complete beginners who have no experience with ATS trading at all. During the course, I will impart to you my valuable know-how together with a detailed printed manual describing the step-by-step creation of long-term profitable automated trading strategies. You will learn how to work with TradeStation and Adaptrade Builder, use genetic algorithms for a building of your own ATS and test your systems´ robustness in TradeStation.

Stop wasting your time: You’re about to be provided with the know-how to create your own automated trading strategies without the necessity of having any programming knowledge – a continuous process to successfully develop multiple trading strategies. I have been trading them live and I have been profitable for more than 4 years since my beginning of live trading:

See some reviews of our courses graduates:

  • Thank you for all your hard work in putting this class together and providing us with the links.  This was definitely the best course I have taken and I appreciate all the hard work you put into it.  Everything that you shared with us was exceptional and in great detail.  It is very hard to find good courses in the U.S. about automated trading, so you definitely exceeded my expectations…Thank you! Jason Popoloski, Merrillville, USA
  • I found the course comprehensive, with a very well thought out methodology for evaluating trading strategies in different but logical steps with the ultimate target to dig out those strategies that will hold up in real life trading.  In my previous trading experience, many promising systems did not hold up in life trading but lost the edge after some weeks or months. I am certain that by applying the advanced methods for evaluation (and creation) of strategies the chances for improved trading results will increase dramatically. However, I would not say it is a beginners course – although the basic principles of Tradestation are covered. It is an advanced course which requires a lot of reflection and due diligence work to fully utilize the potential. Rene Allertz, Sweden
  • I was more than satisfied, I can only recommend the course to anyone who is serious about ATS trading. Martin, Slovakia
  • I am very excited about the whole course. The course greatly surpassed my expectations. Especially the high-quality color manual which thoroughly step-by-step elaborates the entire content of the course. Thus, you can find the exact procedure of building of ATS whenever you want. The seminar brought me a lot of inspiration and enthusiasm for building profitable ATS. I have been trading for 7 years and during this time I attended 80% of courses on trading available in the Czech Republic. However, this course is absolutely unique regarding the clarity and precision of the topic´s explanations. And there are even some additional bonuses. Stan, Ostrava, the Czech Republic
  • The course fulfilled my expectations to 100%. Tuition was professional and comprehensible. Everything I was clearly explained and there was a sufficient space for questions. The course contained everything I expected! The quality of the course was higher compared with other companies´ courses which I attended before. Everything was more clearly explained than in other courses of a similar type. Andy, Moravska Trebova, the Czech Republic
  • The course completely fulfilled my expectations, yet it is necessary to have all the software installed so that you can try out the individual procedures. Josef Simek, Prague, the Czech Republic


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